Africa chews while France swallows!

Togo, Mali, Burkina Faso, Equatorial Guinea, Benin, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Guinea Bissau,  Kongo, Niger, Senegal, Chad, Central African Republic and Cameroon.

What do these 14 Countries have in common apart from that they are all African countries, colonised by France, gained (independence) from France between the late 1950s and the early 1960s, and have French as their official language?

These countries all pay an annual tax to France known as the colonial tax, an agreement they made before France agreed to grant them their independence.

A sum of 450 to 500 billion Euro is paid annually to France by the above mentioned countries for introducing them to civilisation  and for infrastructure built by France during the colonial period.

Thanks to the introduction of the Euro currency, this brutal practice came to light. Even the former French president Jacques Chirac stated in an interview that a big part of the money in the French banks comes precisely from Africa. He further explained that without Africa, France will slide down in the rank of a third World power.

The real exploitation of the African continent actually started after the above mentioned countries gained their so called independence from France. These countries have no right to their natural resources, most of their economy is controlled from France. France has the right to be the first foreign country to come in and buy any natural resources found in the land of its ex-colonies. Only when France is not interested are these countries allowed to seek other partners.

Africa never really gained independence.

When they decided to sign the Cooperation Accords with France, little did they know what a disaster this will be to the development of the continent.

According to this (Cooperation Accords):

  • French language must be used as the national language
  • These countries have to refrain from entering into a military alliance with any country without the authorisation of France
  • They have to practise the French educational system
  • They are obligated to ally with France in case of war or a global crisis
  • They have to stay bound to french colonial currency the FCFA

To mention just a few…

France has been holding the national monetary reserves of these fourteen African countries since 1961, all being operated by the french treasury. Sadly enough, these African countries have no access to the money. They are given just 15% of the deposited amount annually and if they need more, they will have to borrow at commercial rates. Despite the African banks with headquarters within Africa, they have no monetary policies of their own. With such exploitation, an independent state, an independent currency, is almost impossible without a revolution since France will never willingly back off. Many African leaders have lost their lives trying to terminate this colonial pact signed with France.

Taking a look at African history, one will realise that in the last 50 years a total of 67 coups d’état have happened in 26 countries. Sixteen of these countries are former french colonies, meaning 61% of the coups happened in francophone Africa. This is of course no coincidence.

Have we ever asked ourselves why a majority of African countries with rich natural resources are always at war?

Why African leaders with good ideas that will benefit the country never survive?

Why many African dictators stay in power for as long as it takes, with France always ready to give them military support in case of  foreign intervention or civil unrest?

The exploitation of the African continent is done systematically. Opportunity is never given to those who have good intention to serve the country and its citizens.

Haiti being a former French colony will know exactly what these 14 African countries are going through. From 1804 till 1947, Haiti was forced by France to pay for the loss sustained by French traders in the process of the abolition of slavery and for the liberation of Haitian slaves.

One can only hope that these 14 ex-colonies of France will soon be free from this brutal and dictatorial practice exercised by France..

Food for thought:

The grass is not green on the other side. The grass is green where it is being watered.




3 thoughts on “Africa chews while France swallows!

    1. Hello Gorgon, It is not a joke. It is a practice that is still taking place till date. There are several articles out there about this. Unfortunately, France has decided to give a deaf ear to it all.


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