Gender gap, Gender inequality and discrimination.


In recent years, we have been experiencing a huge shift in gender roles. There are societies where a stay home woman is not an option. This could be because of financial constraint or pressure from the society where one is afraid of being judged. Though in most cases women want and love to work. Many of whom are very successful and make more money than men, and the tendency is growing.

Looking at the situation in some cultures today, the biblical definition of a man and a woman is not relevant again. The dynamic where the man is the breadwinner in the family  is shifting rapidly. This is mirrored in education, job opportunities, marriage patterns and a lot more.

More and more men are taking the role of a stay home dad, while the woman works for the money. Many of us still have to get used to this.


Equal rights for women and men are a fundamental principle of the United Nations charter adopted by world leaders in 1945.

What is the christian picture of a man and his role in the family and society? What is that of a woman? How is the society influenced by this? Or is it a natural instinct that just functions?

Ask every child at kindergarten and they will tell you that boys are supposed to play football and play with cars, and girls are supposed to play with dolls. Prejudices start at a very young age. Should I say the discrimination starts there.

The moment to-be-parents find out the gender of their unborn child and start shopping for the child or start decorating the child`s room, blue is chosen for the boy child in most cases and pink for a girl. There are just a handful of situations where a boy owns a doll in his toy collection. Does society force us into these roles?

Many forms of gender inequality and discrimination are practised due to factors such as age, ethnicity, disability, socio-economic status and social structure of communities.

When a woman goes shopping alone, it is perceived as normal. But if she visits a club alone, most of us find it unusual and quickly draw conclusions like: ‘Oh, she is probably looking for a man.’ As if it were forbidden…

Several days ago, I read in one of our newspapers that the ruling party in Turkey is planning to come up with a law that forbids women to laugh openly in public, arguing that it is not very ladylike…

If a man marries a woman thirty years his  junior, only a few consider it as odd, but if it were the other way round it becomes the talk in town.


In average, men earn 23% more than their female colleagues .


Men in executive positions earn 16% more than women in the same position, with the same responsibility.


In many European countries, women were allowed to vote only from the early 20th century.

1918 Austria

1919 Germany

1920 USA

1928 United Kingdom

1944 France

1945 Italy

one of the last countries in western Europe to grant women the right to vote was Switzerland in 1971.

In 1990, canton Appenzell Innerrhoden was the last canton in Switzerland to grant women the right to vote.

There is hope. A study done by the World Economic Forum Ninth Gender Gap Report estimates that gender gap will only be eliminated by the year 2095. Our grand and great grand children might be lucky to experience this.


2 thoughts on “Gender gap, Gender inequality and discrimination.

  1. This is very true. This mentality has always been in the mindset of the society. We are forgetting to know that what a man can do a woman can do even better. It is just that the chances are never really given to women. In some societies where gender equality is better, you find women in almost all works of life. Some even earn more than men.

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  2. I thought most democratic countries have equally amount of women and men in their parlaments and public institutions. Countries ruled by men only, waste half their intelligence and power by not letting women make governance decisions.


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