Yearning to live in Paradise

For ages, humans have dreamt of paradise.

They dreamt of how beautiful it would be to live in paradise.

So they had the idea to turn their village into a paradise.

A Tax Free Paradise. This must be it, they all agreed.

Together, they decided to reduce taxes for the rich and woo them with presents.

By the way, the rich love to receive presents.

This is how they succeeded in attracting the rich.

The rich came in their numbers. They bought the most beautiful and best positioned properties and built the biggest houses.

‘Beautiful!’, agreed the locals. ‘Our village will now be a paradise, after all. When the rich come, they bring money with them.’

The rich do not only bring money, they attract more rich people!

After the rich had settled in, everything became expensive. Buying a property was almost impossible due to high prices.

Rents became unaffordable.

The first local who was unable to pay his rent was the owner of the village grocery shop.

A new luxury jewellery shop for the rich will be opened where he had his grocery shop.

There is a gourmet temple where the local restaurant used to be.

The locals who yearned to live in paradise had to fight for their existence.

Living in the village became very expensive.

Locals became strangers in their own home. While walking down the street, all they saw were fences built by the rich to protect their villas, and shops stocked with goods they could not afford.

One by one, they moved to the neighbouring villages where living was affordable.

Only then did they realise how heavenly it was before the rich came.

Original text in German by Daniel Meier (©2008 Burgdorfer Tagblatt)


4 thoughts on “Yearning to live in Paradise

  1. is then “Paradise” a place where everybody lives under the same financial conditions? that means everybody would be either equally healthy or equally poor. That is the Marx/ Comunism utopy.

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  2. I get the drift, maybe they didn’t think out a proper strategy. You may as well turn your village into paradise without being deprived of your own acquisitions. No super rich will ever say “I have enough”, or “I don’t want to increase the size of my barn”.


  3. I totally get the drift. However, the villagers had a very poor and porous strategy. No Super rich will ever say “I have enough” or “I do not want to increase the size of my barn”. Keep 95% of your most prized possessions to yourself and use the remaining 5% to strike a good and profitable deal.


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