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How many of you out there still love to turn pages over, when reading a book?

Holding a book in my hand, turning the pages, being able to smell the book, see the progress I have made and, see how many pages are still remaining, are what I need to experience when reading a book. One cannot compare this with pixels on the screen. Nothing matches the smell of an old book.

Since the introduction of ebook, more and more bookshops are closing down due to tremendous drop in sales.

I have tried reading an ebook, but that did not go down well. It felt shallow. I was not able to build a relationship with the book, something that happens when I read a print book. It bothered me that I could not feel the pages in my hands. More so, I needed an extra sheet of paper to jot down notes. I had to tell myself over and over that I was reading a book. It felt different, it was unsatisfactory.


Ebook has its countless advantages:

One gains space, saves money from not having to buy a bookshelf, no more dusting of books, it is portable, it has capacity, over a hundred books in one electronic device, it is discreet.

No offence to ebook readers, I just need a physical book in my hand. Maybe it is nostalgia, I do not know.






3 thoughts on “Books

  1. Spending too much time watching any electronic devices might injure your eyes..keep reading books the way you did in school. Besides, you can take your poket book to the beach, spoil it, put it anywhere,carry it in your backpack..


  2. I also prefer holding a real book in my hands, dog-ear pages or put a postcard or whatever between two pages to remind me where I stopped reading the previous day. But times are achanging. If you’re not sure which book you want to take to the mountains or the beach an e-reader comes in very handy. unfortunately without the familiar smell and some stains.


  3. It’s good to read online because you may easily verify different options for a better choice but it becomes boring and it feels different. I may prefer eBooks in most cases than reading books.


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