The Wedding! Child Marriage


They should be under their parents roof, not under a husband`s roof

They should be in classrooms, not on marital beds

They should be on playgrounds, not in the kitchen cooking for a husband

They should be playing with toys, not with their own children. After all, they are still children themselves

They should be cared for, not caring for a husband

They need love from their parents, not giving love to a husband

Give every child the chance to grow

Give them the chance to be children

It is their right!



5 thoughts on “The Wedding! Child Marriage

  1. Gona those days of the analogue. This is android and I don’t think any child or parent will do such a thing. In some villages that they substitute their girls for money to pay debts with, may still be practicing this system. But is really rare this days. They have seen the way their sisters have suffered and I don’t think any girl will like to agree on such thing nowadays.

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    1. Very correct there Maureen but I assure you it depends on where u coming from. It still exist in some parts of Africa. Like the case of Cameroon, is common in the Northern part where the people are referred to as The Minority. GirlsNotBride helps to fun civil societies fight for the right of these children or just educate the communities on the importance of empowering a girl child.


  2. @maurine. The issue here is, some of these children do not have a saying in these matters whatsoever. They are normally forced to early marriages. Some argue it is tradition and some say it is culture. Whatever the case, every child has the right to just be a child and not forced into adulthood issues.


  3. These so call traditions send out the girl child at an adolescent age where they are still developing their secondary sexual characteristics…..we can imagine the risk if the child starts making babies….. Keeping aside the health issues, what about the socioeconomic issues?…..they are many too.


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