Plastic! A Blessing or a Curse?


Environmental activist reveals that between 500 billion and one trillion plastic bags are used each year world wide.

In the United States alone, an estimated 102 billion plastic bags are used annually. This is an alarming figure.

The same reason that has made plastic appliance(s) so successful, is the same reason that has made it so destructive to the environment. Due to it`s durability, plastic can take centuries to decompose.

Some of the plastic substances buried in the soil will take approximately 400 years to decompose, if at all.

Plastic is used in electronics, packaging, transportation, building and construction, health sector, to name just a few. From the above, one can truly see the advantages attached to using plastic appliances.

On the contrary, thousands of sea animals and more than a million birds die each year, as a result of plastic pollution.

The United Nations Environmental Program estimates that 46`000 pieces of plastic waste floats on every square mile in the ocean.

Like in many cases, developing countries are the ones that suffer the most from toxics emitted through poor methods of disposing plastic waste.




4 thoughts on “Plastic! A Blessing or a Curse?

  1. Thanks, Viger, for all these facts–all the way from the vicious legacies of colonialism to environmental disasters and everyday stupidity. Though worrying I like to read new postings first thing in the morning and appreciate your way of putting disturbing matters in a matter-of-fact way. XXX Loody

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  2. You are right viger. In as much as the plastic bags have their advantages and disavantages. We can not do without plastic bags but my worry is the means of discarding. If in particular the 3rd world countries could developed a means of recycling these bags after use I think the problem will partially be solved. But if not then it will always be a disturbing issue.

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  3. Plastics!!! useful in many forms but Many countries have put a ban to their use . This because of the numerous effects on the environment like pollution, health issues when burnt, not eco-friendly etc…. I can only think of three ways to fight plastics; reuse if necessary, reduce buying them, recycle if there are available means. Nonetheless if an individual cannot fight this through any of above methods, simply dispose of them PROPERLY.✌✌

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