Deforestation is a very big issue and a complex one.

Many tribes in the world still rely on natural resources for survival. A sturdy of WWF reveals that forests are home to 80 percent of world`s terrestrial biodiversity.

Deforestation has caused lots of negative impact,  that can be felt around the world today, with immediate impacts always felt at local level.

Some of the impacts of deforestation include:


-Harsh summers with temperatures climbing up to 40degrees in areas where the average temperature was about 28degrees 10 years ago

– Loss of biodiversity

-Increase in green house gas emissions

-Increase in soil erosion

-Loss of habitat for many species. To name just a few.

The same people who lecture against the cutting down of trees, are unfortunately the highest exporters of timber.

Deforestation happens in many forms:

-Trees cut down to be exported to other  countries (continents), especially Europe and Asia

-Destroying huge virgin forest for the purpose of  building roads and railway lines

-Trees cut down to use land for farming

-Trees cut down to produce charcoal, and to be used as firewood for cooking and heating

A good example is in Indonesia where, huge areas of virgin forest is destroyed every day, for oil palm plants.

Locals are sent away from their homes, without any alternative, all in the name of profit.

This practice is also carried out in some countries in Africa whereby, the greedy governments, sign agreements with foreign companies, giving them the right to cut down timber for exportation.

What amazes me here is, in some countries, one could finger count the number of trees still standing. While in other countries, there are so many trees such that the government looks for methods to reduce them. Interesting because, some of those  countries with excess trees are the highest importers of timber.

Apart from the fact that the trees are  processed  and used to produce plywood, furnitures, music instruments, building of ships etc, most of it is also used to produce papers and toilet papers.

The irony here is, in those areas where  timber is being exported from, the locals are unable to afford an exercise book for their children to use at school, nor a roll of toilet paper.

Cutting trees occasionally is alright i reckon. The problem we have is the alarming rate at which it is done.



6 thoughts on “Deforestation!

  1. Really. I have never thought of something like this. Knowing fully well that papers, books, furniture etc are products of timber yet most people can’t effort for these end product . that is the irony in the whole thing.

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