War! War is a crime. War is a business.

War is a crime

War is destruction

War is hate

War is abuse

War is rape

War is stealing

War is famine

War is, tearing families apart

War is killing

War is bloodshed

War is dealing with weapons

War is a game, a cruel game

War is a playground, a playground for politicians, where they are absent from

War is a business, and some are making huge profits from it.

War generates income, unfortunately

War provides employment. Oh yes it does

Honestly, I do not know what war is. Someone help me here.




6 thoughts on “War! War is a crime. War is a business.

  1. That’s true, sometimes I really have the feeling powerful countries provide weapons for other countries in war, just to earn money without any scruples. That’s a terrible situation and the ones suffering the most in this story are the civils, who didn’t ask anything.

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  2. War is a game, the media plays a great role to make it start n never to cease. Politicians play the game for their favor, powerful countries with no endowment manipulate the minds of vulnerable nations with plenty of resources but when resistance comes in, it results to pressures, unrest, insurgency, curfew, etc. While countries with techno go for huge profit by producing weapons putting the lifes of the innocent in danger.
    It’s so much to say about war…….

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