Teachers, the Scapegoats

Teachers have a very important role in society, but a difficult one as well.

Do we ever wonder why they are prone to burn out?

It is not always easy for some parents to come to terms with the fact that their children did not perform well at school, and they  sometimes look for reasons somewhere else. In many of such cases, teachers become the scapegoats.

Some parents go as far as calling teachers during their free time, accusing them of intentionally failing their children.

Such accusations are not always taken lightly by teachers. Some suffer such that they spend countless sleepless nights, and some go as far as seeing a therapist.

In some cases, teachers decide to give the child (children), pass marks even when they did not merit it. This way, the child is happy, the parents are happy and the teacher has his peace.

This is a sad reality that happens time and time again. Unfortunately

How awesome would it be if teachers and parents worked together and not against each other!





3 thoughts on “Teachers, the Scapegoats

  1. In no case should a teacher give pass marks to students when they did not merit it. Any teacher who does that is not helping the student in any way. No matter the pressure from parents, teachers should do the right thing.


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