There is no bad student, only wrong teaching methods.

The methods used in schools to educate children, (student) is very important as we all already know.

Every individual is different (unique), and so is our way of thinking and our perception of what goes on around us.

If individual needs could be taken into consideration when teaching in schools, it would have a positive impact on the quality of learning and understanding.

What do you think?

Unfortunately, improving the teaching standards in schools is not always the priority of our governments. They are likely to invest millions on weapons, in preference to education.


10 thoughts on “There is no bad student, only wrong teaching methods.

  1. I think a lot of actions are -fortunately!- experimented to change this system, being closer from the pupils’ needs. But it’s mostly personnal steps set up by teachers who are deeply convinced that it has to change. Governements are usually not able to deal seriously with this situation, since they seem to have other priorities…

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  2. So exact!
    A student needs a roadmap to learn. The better the roadmap, the more efficient and the faster he or she will be. Sometimes teachers blame their students for not making progress, while they are actually the ones not having a good roadmap.

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  3. No one on earth has grown to know what s/he knows but must have learned. This means that if you are not well thought even if you have interest you will never know or understand.That goes to explain why pedagogy is thought in schools for teachers to use different approaches to a particular issue and at difderent situations for students of different background and IQ to capture.

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  4. Yes there is really no bad student. The manner of approach is a very important factor that should always be considered. The environment and the cultural background of children are also elements that should be taken into account in schools.

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  5. Very correct about the problems faced by teachers. But to me I’ll rather shift some responsibilities to the government. 1- government does not evolve in pedagogy with development.
    2- government does not take time to involve parent in child education (developing countries) .
    3-government does not organize career orientation programs for students to see and understand where they belong.
    As for me, teachers should also bear in mind that every profession has challenges ranging at
    different levels . Also there is no dol student neither a bad teacher but the teaching method may not be of standard to a particular student or the student may have some psychological issues which are ignored by parents. Teacher should not guilt themselves and self condemn them selves for one student who has his or her own cart to play.

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  6. I think there are bad students and wrong teaching methods.
    Bad students: Take for example teachers give home work and students don’t do, Studens absent from school, Don’t pay attention in class.

    Wrong teaching methods: Teachers don’t make teaching fun, beat students not for correcting them, but just because they are angry, Teach wrong materials to students. E.G I remember one of my teachers in secondary school who told us to cancel what he thought us last class. So frustrating when u thing your teacher doesn’t know what he’s teaching.

    All in all even when the teacher is good he/she can’t meet the requirements of all students. Students have to play their parts too in educational process.

    Quote: if 80% of the class do well in class, the teaching method is good.


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